Performing Gender: live the journey again!




After two incredible years the European journey of Performing Gender has come to an end!


Thanks to all those who supported and made alive this project: the European Union, who first believed and acknowledged our idea, the 4 partners, our amazing 17 artists, the 4 hosting museums, a staff of more than 50 people in 4 European states, all the photographers, videomakers, writers, illustrators who helped us narrating this exciting dancing adventure.


Thanks also to more than 70 experts and witnesses met during our activities, to the communities involved in the process, the European artists and professionals in the field of dance and culture who took part to our presentations and performances, and of course the audience who crowded our museums and followed eagerly our activities on the web and the social networks.


You already miss us? :)


You have plenty of possibilities to retrace our experience:


  • our website now features a brand new Performances section!
    Click on the mirror ball and lose yourself into photos, videos and words describing those 17 jewels that now build the real treasure of our journey;


  • watch the video of our Performing Gender Symposium, now online!
    Three days, one museum, eight artists, an international conference and the feedback of an attentive and engaged audience: a precious portrait of the essence of our project;


  • read our Performing Gender Catalogue!
    144 color pages dowloadable from our website (see the big button on your right) or browsable on Issuu (see here below), to live our journey again, from the first workshop to the last performance, guided by the introductions of our partners and the brilliant articles by our writer Amy Bell.



And you can still find us on the social networks: our Facebook, Vimeo, Pinterest spaces are still there for you to find inspirations, ask questions, and meet the protagonists of our adventure.


As you see: no excuses, people!

We’ll see you around Europe …keep on #performinggender ★