Cassero / Gender Bender Festival (Bologna, Italy)

“Il Cassero” is the Gay and Lesbian Center of Bologna, one of the most important institutions for the Italian LGBT movement and history. Founded in 1982 and counting now more than 100.000 associated members, this organisation has continuously worked towards improving the quality of life of the LGBT community by sensitising the society on the need of social and political rights, as well as tackling discrimination on both national and international levels. It is part of Arcigay, the national network of LGBT associations, and of ILGA, the International Lesbian & Gay Association.


Gender Bender Festival is the international arts festival produced by Il Cassero and directed by Daniele Del Pozzo. Since 2003, it introduces the Italian public to the contemporary imaginary related to gender identity, sexual orientation and body representation. The aim of the festival is to be able, upon these specific issues, to engage a real dialogue with the whole civil society, at local, national, and international level. In order to reach this goal, the festival selects a series of theatrical and dance productions, visual arts exhibitions, film showings, live concerts, conferences and conversations, providing concrete examples on how culture, in its diverse artistic expressions, can become an occasion to recognize the differences and overcome prejudices.

Dutch Dance Festival (Maastricht, The Netherlands)

The most surprising, controversial and impressive Dutch choreographies in the midst of an exciting festival atmosphere in Maastricht: Nederlandse Dansdagen. Programmed by Peggy Olislaegers and her editorial team the Dutch Dance Festival will present the latest developments in the Dutch dance world with work from young choreographers to world-renowned dance companies, like the Nederlands Dans Theater.

Paso a 2 (Madrid, Spain)

Paso a 2 is a creative catalyst that supports the work of emerging contemporary dance artists. Through prizes, programming, residencies, networking, workshops, showcases and mentoring, it is committed to investing in creative potential in Spain, Europe and abroad. Paso a 2 organizes the Certamen Coreográfico de Madrid, an annual platform for new work in contemporary dance. It also organizes another platform for emerging work, two yearly sessions of dance and journalism program, choreographic projects and training opportunities. It devotes time, energy and resources to connecting and nurturing creative people to help them realize their full potential.

Domino / Queer Zagreb (Zagreb, Croatia)

Since 2003 Queer Zagreb is an international multimedia festival, which examines the social norms in the transitional society through art, theory and activism. As part of its newly established program Queer Zagreb Season, it covers queer identity through the prism of art, dance, music and film, presenting work by artists who question norms, challenge traditional lines of thinking, widen the notions of identity.

Queer Zagreb Season is performed under the platform of This is a Domino project. Domino is a non-profit, non-governmental, non-political association that organizes cultural, theoretical and activist projects.


Bologna, IT

MAMbo – Museo d’Arte Moderna di Bologna is the venue of Istituzione Bologna Musei dedicated to contemporary art. The museum offers a dynamic perspective: it travels through the history of Italian art from the second post-war period until today; it explores the present thanks to an exhibition centred on research and it contributes to outline the routes of contemporary art following the most innovative and pulsating experimental practices. Located in the heart of the Manifattura delle Arti cultural district, the museum is the focus of various research- and innovation-based activities.

Dolls Museum

Bologna, IT

The museum offers 500 precious and rare dolls made in wood, papier-maché, wax, porcelain, fabric, felt and plastic materials, produced since the XVII century to our days. The visitors can enjoy also many particular objects as miniatures of forniture, toys, accessories of any age and material.


Maastricht, NL

Bonnefantenmuseum Maastricht combines, in a building by Aldo Rossi, private and public collections with both old master painting and sculpture as cutting edge contemporary art.
Its aim is not to deny the extremes in its collection, but to present them in their own right. Accepting the differences. Keeping them in the air, just as the juggler does with his skittles. Does the essence of magic not lie in the handling of abnormality and difference (risk), instead of normality and equal standards?